Meet The Owners: Camie and Josh Munns

March 30, 2023

Meet the owners of the Millhouse Venue

Camie and Josh Munns purchased the property that The Millhouse Venue sits on in 2019 and immediately started planning how to elevate the property. With it sitting in the shadows of the locally iconic Sugar Mill, it had amazing potential. Camie has a background in event planning and immediately wanted to renovate the old Millhouse building into a wedding and event center.

They worked for a little over a year remodeling the building and getting it ready for use while still preserving a large amount of its historical charm and structure. The Millhouse was opened at the start of 2020. Camie is at the forefront of the business and is likely who you will see when touring or booking The Millhouse Venue.  

Camie was born and raised in Texas but made Eastern Idaho her home when she married Josh in 2016. Josh was born and Raised in Archer, ID. They have two boys, Winston and Charlie. They often say The Millhouse Venue is the type of venue they wished they had when they got married.

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your perfect day, choose the Millhouse Venue!