4 Reasons To Book Your Wedding Venue Early

January 9, 2023

Booking your venue early is valuable to take the stress off yourself and your guests. Let's cover four main reasons now:

1. More availability:

Do you already know what day you want your wedding to be? Well, so do many other couples, and often someone else has selected the same day as you to tie the knot. The sooner you book your wedding venue, the better the odds are that you’ll be able to snag your ideal date for your big day.

2. It will help you stay within your budget:

Keeping costs down while ensuring your wedding is the day of your dreams can be a big part of planning your wedding. Supply and demand are the main factors in venue pricing throughout the year. Many wedding venues are busiest May-October since about 80% of weddings are during that time. Because of this, venues will often have higher prices for bookings for that year. If you intend to have a wedding in the summer or fall, book far enough in advance, and these price increases will have little to no effect on you.

3. Build a relationship with the venue management:
Communication is one of the most important factors when planning your wedding. Booking your venue far in advance can help ensure that you and management are on the same page about everything so you can make your special day as flawless as possible.
The sooner you select the location, the sooner you can begin communicating with venue management to ensure everything will go as planned.

4. Helps guests plan ahead: Choosing your venue far enough in advance ensures you have time to send out your invites quickly and early enough that your guests can make any necessary accommodations to attend. Letting everyone know far in advance helps you know how many people you can expect to attend so that you can inform your vendors of what you will need.