How to Plan a Wedding in 12 Steps

August 19, 2021

So you are now engaged and going to spend the rest of your lives together… Congratulations! We at Millhouse Venue near Idaho Falls, Idaho would like to congratulate you. Now, how to plan a wedding?

We will cover the basics and some details of how to plan a wedding from your engagement to your big day. Before getting started, it’s important to remember that every wedding is different. Some of our suggestions may not fit your style, traditions, or budget, but you can simply adjust and adapt accordingly.

Tips on How to Plan your Dream Wedding:

  1. Daydream about your day and talk about what is important to your partner. You and your partner have probably already discussed the kind of weddings you would like. Take a deep breath because you don’t have to decide immediately. Just try to brainstorm. Talk about your options and let your imaginations run wild.
  2. Set your budget. Talk to everyone who might contribute to your wedding. Are your parents helping with the wedding? A favorite aunt or grandparents? Get clear on how much everyone plans to contribute so you can factor that into your overall budget. Next, look at your savings. How much money do you each have in savings? What percentage of your savings are you willing to put towards the wedding? Put the above numbers together and you should have a rough estimate of your wedding budget. You don’t HAVE to spend that final figure, but you should try not to overspend. 
  3. Choose a wedding date. The earlier you select your wedding date the better. Wedding venues book out early. You also want as many family and friends to attend your wedding as possible. Weekday weddings are usually less expensive, so that is a good option for a smaller budget.
  4. Pick your wedding party. Decide who among your close friends and family you want to be with you throughout your wedding. Maid of honor. Best man. Groomsmen and women. Bridesmaids and bridesmen. 
  5. Choose your wedding ceremony location and your wedding reception venue. Some venues offer both ceremony and reception space, while others, like many places of worship, may be ceremony-centric. Once you have picked these out, make sure to visit them with your partner.
  6. Build your guest list. It is important to keep your approximate wedding size in mind — building a guest list for a small wedding is going to be different than choosing who to invite to a large one. Write down all of the names of people you would like to attend. Manage guest requests from family. It’s okay to invite some people your parents would love to share your wedding day with, but try to keep the number reasonable and keep in mind your venue availability.
  7. Decide on theme, decor, and details. Many couples like to dream up a theme that speaks to them. Remember that your venue can do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to bringing your theme to life. 
  8. Pick your save-the-date cards or send out invitations. If your wedding is 6-10 months out it is best to send the save-the-date cards out. If your wedding is sooner, send out invitations about 6-12 weeks before the wedding.
  9. Research vendors for photography, music, video, catering, registry, hair/make-up, and flowers. Keep your budget in mind! Also, sign up for gift registries so your guests can give gifts easily.
  10. Decide on what you’re going to wear. There’s no right or wrong option for your wedding day. You may want something traditional or to refit a family heirloom or you may prefer a more personalized look. It's also tradition for the mother and close girlfriends to go dress shopping. However, if that is not in the cards for you, don't let that get you down! Get this done early in case you need alterations.
  11. Get your marriage license so you can officially get married. Call your municipal or county clerk to find out the license requirements. If you have hired an officiant, they traditionally will take care of this or at least help with it.
  12. Enjoy some non-wedding-related activities with your partner for some stress-free downtime. Spend some time with your family and friends as well. It can be easy to slip into nonstop wedding planning mode, but don't forget why you are doing it all.

Planning a wedding is a big milestone, so we would again like to congratulate you and your partner!

The Millhouse Venue is a wedding venue near Idaho Falls. We have space for both indoor and outdoor weddings. We would love to assist you with your dream wedding. Schedule a tour today.